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こころ バンコクマッサージでは、コスプレマッサージ、フェチマッサージ、ロールプレイ、おもちゃなどで、女性があなたのエロティックな欲望を満たし、皆様の夢を叶えます。



A nostalgic tight-fitting high school gym uniform

Our girls are fit, fun, and ready to get sweaty...

...Just hope the competition doesn't get too fierce!

Gym Uniform

Eager young schoolgirl after school delight

Is she an innocent schoolgirl or a bossy class president? You'll have to find out for  yourself!

School Girl

A sexy service bunny costume - with tail

Sit back and watch in delight as our playful bunny girls hop on top of you and gobble your carrot!

Bunny Girl

A prim and proper young office lady

She's so cute and smart you'll be wanting to work overtime with her!

Office Lady

An obedient sexy maid ready to serve you 

She's dedicated to cleanliness, but she can make an exception to get dirty with you!

Cute Maid

An cheerful girl with school spirit

Her enthusiasm will keep you strong until the final minute!

Cheer Leader

Healing magic cute young nurse

Do you feel under the weather? Our sexy nurse will use her healing power to get you back into shape in no time!

Sexy Nurse



A confident female mecha pilot

When she's not saving the world in her high-tech mech, she's ready for a little 1-on-1 with you!

Mech Girl

A beautiful and deadly combat android

Don't let the beautiful outfit fool you. This android may look like a doll but she can fight with the best!

Battle Android

A beautiful girl with a fighting spirit

This girl is ready to rumble. Do you think you can go 10 rounds with her?

Alluring Ninja



You've been a naughty boy!

Are you ready to serve?

She will have you begging for more as you teeter between pleasure and pain!


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