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Jessica is a sultry girl with a pretty face and nice natural body. She has a cheerful, flirty attitude, and relentless teasing tecnique. If you're looking for a classy beauty who can somehow leave you both drained and rejuvinated, Jessica's your Kokoro girl!

Jessica ジェシカ

  • Height: 170
    Size: 32A-25-32
    Body: skinny
    Natural: yes
    Tattoo: no
    Language: en, th


  • Q. What is are your charming points?
    A. sharp face, beautiful smile
    Q. What was your previous job?
    A. office lady

    Q. What do you like to do your days off?
    A. Watch YouTube, go to temples, make merit.
    Q. What is your prefered play style?
    A. seductive play, nipples licked
    Q. What is your favorite position?

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